Archive 2010
23/12/2010Modello Delega (Italian)160 KB
21/12/2010Convocazione di assemblea ordinaria e straordinaria (Italian)39 KB
03/12/2010Cobra approves the procedure for transactions with related parties80 KB
30/11/2010Board of Directors of Cobra AT and Drive Rent approve the merger of Drive Rent in Cobra AT173 KB
19/11/2010Guidelines approved for the merger of Drive Rent into Cobra Automotive Technologies SpA197 KB
12/11/2010Q3 2010 Financial results181 KB
09/11/2010Cobra nominates new CFO, Investor Relator and Manager responsible for preparing the company’s financial reports78 KB
26/10/2010Genertel selects Cobra for insurance telematic services58 KB
27/08/2010Auditor's review report on the half-year financial report 2010268 KB
27/08/2010Financial Results H1 2010208 KB
20/07/2010UniCredit Leasing choose Cobra security solutions71 KB
30/06/2010Cobra completed transaction with Tracker87 KB
15/06/2010Porsche AG chooses Cobra security systems for Brazilian market73 KB
11/06/2010New partnership between Toyota Motor Europe and Cobra Telematics73 KB
25/05/2010Cobra activities in Brazil and South America76 KB
14/05/2010Financial Results Q1 2010151 KB
07/05/2010Auditor Resignation May 201058 KB
30/04/2010Cobra AT Shareholders Meeting 30-apr-2010103 KB
23/04/2010Change in Share Capital26 KB
14/04/2010Relazione della società di revisione relativa al bilancio consolidato 2009 (Italian)608 KB
14/04/2010Relazione della società di revisione relativa al bilancio di esercizio 2009 (Italian)602 KB
13/04/2010Update on 2009 Directors Report77 KB
06/04/2010Final Agreement signed with Tracker130 KB
26/03/2010Convocazione Assemblea Azionisti (Italian)118 KB
22/03/2010Tracker Investment Update -375 KB
16/03/2010Financial results 2009 and increase in share capital110 KB
12/03/2010Cobra obtains new terms for Unicredit loan54 KB
05/03/2010Tracker Investment Update -270 KB
16/02/2010Financial Calendar Modification72 KB
16/02/2010Tracker Investment Update -171 KB